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    Captain Jack Sparrow Spiele

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    Captain Jack Sparrow Spiele

    eBay Kleinanzeigen: Jack Sparrow, Video- & PC-Spiele gebraucht kaufen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Infinity powerdisc für Captain Jack Sparrow. Neustadt. Gib nichts zurück Begleite im Fluch der Karibik Mash-up Jack und seine Crew - und triff viele der bösen Schurken. mit Captain Jack Sparrow heirwaveradio.com SpielerbrNetzwerk-Spieler - Bei der PS Plus für Online-Spiel erforderlich. Spieler begegnen bekannten Charakteren aus „Pirates of the Caribbean", darunter Captain Jack Sparrow, Captain Barbossa und Will Turner.

    Fluch der Karibik

    Die Verpackung zeigt Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Will Turner oder Elizabeth Swann. Game Tin (Sammler-Spieldose). Eine der Sammlerdosen beinhaltet. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Jack Sparrow, Video- & PC-Spiele gebraucht kaufen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Infinity powerdisc für Captain Jack Sparrow. Neustadt. Fluch der Karibik (Originaltitel: Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl) ist ein Der Film erzählt die Geschichte des Piraten Captain Jack Sparrow, der das Piratenschiff Black Pearl Derweil hat Ubisoft ein Spiel mit dem Titel Fluch der Karibik – Die Legende des Jack Sparrow veröffentlicht, das sich unter.

    Captain Jack Sparrow Spiele Video

    Pirates of The Caribbean Full Movie Cutscenes - Jack Sparrow Kingdom Hearts 3

    Captain Jack Sparrow Spiele Hierdurch steigerten sich die Einnahmen um 15 Millionen US-Dollar 12,2 Mio. Will bittet daraufhin Jack, ihm mit seinen Trinkspiele FГјr 2 Personen bei der Suche nach Elizabeth zu helfen, da er sie liebt. Anmelden Du Regeln Romme noch kein Benutzerkonto? Jack escapes the Royal Navy at Fort Charles. Sparrow Hunde Spiele Online Kostenlos Ohne Anmeldung introduced seeking to Jungs Spile his ship, the Black Pearlfrom his mutinous first mate, Hector Barbossa. Login My Account Account Settings My Creations Logout Disney. A few days later, the Wench returned to Calabar. For the time being, he continued his search for the Sword, ultimately finding it in the possession of Left-Foot Louis on Isla Fortuna. After the battle, Will and Elizabeth persuaded Jack to give them the magical blade so they could donate it to some museum. Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow in the Disney Dream Portrait Series. Victory was denied, however, when Jack stumbled backwards into a shaft of moonlight, transforming into a skeleton before Barbossa's shocked Rangers Vs Celtic. When Davy Jones mortally wounds Will with Norrington's sword the same one Will made for him in the first movieBootstrap Bill attacks him. Knowing the Kraken will return, he gives the order to abandon ship. The mermaids, after a few minutes of hesitation, attacked the boats and their crews. Despite Jack's resentment of him, he respected the fact that Teague was always there for him when he needed him most, such as when he nearly got his hand cut off by the pirate Rusty Knickers or when Jack was almost sold into slavery by Captain Lucille Graven. Before Salazar could What Slot Games Pay Real Money an attack, Carina makes an early escape, knowing that the ghost crew are Daily Race R for Jack. Racing through jungles and running across the beachside, Jack found Casino Jouer Gratuitement the Santiago could be seen hanging precariously on Zu ГјberprГјfen cliffside. Jack and Barbossa had a brief reunion, in which Jack complemented Barbossa's new pirate lifestyle. Jolly Roger paid Beck to deliver Sparrow to him. Jack though, perhaps now determined to finish Beckett off, and salvage the cause of Piracy due to losing his shot at immortality, declined.
    Captain Jack Sparrow Spiele Captain of the Black Pearl and legendary pirate of the Seven Seas, Captain Jack Sparrow is the irreverent trickster of the Caribbean. A captain of equally dubious morality and sobriety, a master of self-promotion and self interest, he fights a constant and losing battle with his own best tendencies. Watch as magical emojis give a peek into #KingdomHearts III, and get ready to jump into the game!. Height. 5'9" / cm. Weight. lb / 68 kg. Alignment. Chaotic Good. Jack Sparrow or, how he prefers to be called, Captain Jack Sparrow is the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean series. He is a heroic and intelligent man as well as the captain of the Black Pearl and one of the nine Pirate Lords. As Jack Sparrow, Depp stayed relevant in the 00s, even during some of his most polarizing films, with his turn as the drunk and fiery pirate captain. Now, it seems like he won’t be allowed to. Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional pirate and one of the primary characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series: The Curse of the Black Pearl (), Dead Man's Chest (), At World's End (), On Stranger Tides (), and Dead Men Tell No Tales (). Johnny Depp portrays Sparrow and won great acclaim for his comic performance, basing the character off Keith Richards. Captain Jack Sparrow is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean film series. The character was created by screenwriters Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio and is portrayed by Johnny Depp. Captain Jack Sparrow trägt beinahe immer seinen Dreispitz-Hut auf dem Kopf, eines seiner wertvollsten Besitztümer. Seine zahlreichen Feinde lieben es, ihn. Captain Jack Sparrow ist wieder unterwegs! Rezension aus Deutschland vom 22​. Oktober Plattform: PlayStation2Version: Standard. Besitze das Spiel auch​. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Jack Sparrow, Video- & PC-Spiele gebraucht kaufen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Infinity powerdisc für Captain Jack Sparrow. Neustadt. Die Verpackung zeigt Captain Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones, Will Turner oder Elizabeth Swann. Game Tin (Sammler-Spieldose). Eine der Sammlerdosen beinhaltet.

    Disney Sorcerer's Arena. Jack Sparrow's redesign for Disney Mirrorverse. Dorbz figure. Jack's plush in the Disney Wishables line. Also featured are the plushes of Redd , the Skeleton Helmsman , the Barker Bird and the Prison Dog.

    Jack with the Barker Bird. Categories :. Also aboard is Admiral James Norrington , who switches allegiance after Elizabeth chastises him for his disloyalty, and he frees her and the crew.

    Elizabeth and the crew escape to the towed Empress , although Norrington is killed by a deranged "Bootstrap" Bill Turner.

    Meanwhile, Will, who escaped the Pearl's brig, leaves a trail of floating corpses for Beckett to follow. Jack catches him and proposes that he will stab the heart, making himself immortal while freeing Will's father, "Bootstrap" Bill, without condemning Will to taking Jones' place.

    Will agrees. Jack then gives him his magical compass and pushes him over board, intending to lead Beckett to Shipwreck Island. Will is rescued by Beckett's ship.

    There he learns that it was Davy Jones who masterminded Calypso's imprisonment with the first Brethren Court. When the Brethren Court disagree over Barbossa's proposal to free Calypso, he tricks them into yielding their pirate lord insignias.

    Meanwhile, Captain Elizabeth Swann arrives on the Empress. Disagreeing over what action to take against Beckett, the Court moves to elect a "Pirate King", although the lords always vote for themselves.

    Jack breaks the long-standing stalemate by voting for Elizabeth. As he anticipated, she declares war. During parley with Beckett and Jones, Jack is traded for Will.

    Just before the battle, Barbossa conducts a ritual using the insignias to release Calypso Tia Dalma. As the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman clash head on, Will again proposes to Elizabeth, and amid the fighting, Will and Elizabeth are married by Barbossa.

    When Davy Jones mortally wounds Will with Norrington's sword the same one Will made for him in the first movie , Bootstrap Bill attacks him.

    Jack, who has captured the heart for his own immortality, instead helps Will to stab it, killing Jones. Jack and Elizabeth escape as the Dutchman is pulled into the whirlpool, but it quickly resurfaces with Will at the helm as its new captain.

    Uniting forces, the Dutchman and the Black Pearl destroy the Endeavour , killing Beckett and forcing the armada to retreat.

    Jack Sparrow with Giselle and Scarlet. Although Will has been saved, and the Dutchman crew has regained their humanity, Will is now bound to the Flying Dutchman and must spend ten years in the Netherworld ferrying souls to the other side.

    Will and Elizabeth have one day together to consummate their marriage on an island before Will leaves. Shortly after, Barbossa again commandeers the Black Pearl to seek the Fountain of Youth using Feng's charts, leaving Jack stranded in Tortuga.

    Having anticipated Barbossa's deception, Jack has already removed the chart's working parts and sets sail in a small dinghy, searching for immortality.

    In a post-credits scene set ten years later, Elizabeth and her son wait atop a cliff for Will's return from the Netherworld.

    He was given a life sentence by Jack Sparrow himself, who was disguised as Justice Smith, and was ordered to be transported to the Tower of London.

    Jack takes off his disguise as he made his way to join Gibbs in the prison carriage, having already paid the driver to take them out of London so they could make for the coast.

    While in the carriage together they catch up with each other, until they unexpected arrive to St. James Palace surrounded by Royal Guards, who also paid the carriage driver.

    One of guards knocks out Jack before he was dragged into the palace to meet with King George II. When the King asks for the map, Jack reaches for his coat, but the map wasn't there, as Gibbs took them before Jack was taken to the palace.

    Jack tells the King and his ministers that he doesn't have them, but that he knew the way to the Fountain.

    King George then introduces Jack to the man who will lead the expedition. Jack asks who will lead the expedition to the Fountain: Hector Barbossa , who has now become a privateer for the King.

    When Jack asks what became of the Black Pearl , Barbossa simply tells Jack that he lost the Pearl as he lost his right leg, showing off his peg leg.

    After being told that the Pearl was sunk, Jack lunged toward Barbossa only to be held back by two guards. Before Barbossa and King George resumed their business, Jack escapes from the palace, in which he jumps out the window.

    Jack engages the royal guards in a carriage chase, until Jack drives a cart full of coal. He shoves the driver of the cart and rides away from the British soldiers chasing him.

    Winding up near a tavern called the Captain's Daughter , Jack reunites with his father Captain Teague, who saves Jack from being shot by a guard.

    As they enter the Captain's Daughter , Teague talks with Jack regarding the ritual needed for the Fountain of Youth and about those who are recruiting a crew.

    After confronting Scrum, another pirate in the tavern, tells Jack found the person who was impersonating him. He goes into the tavern's store room where the "Jack" imposter is in, and begins a duel.

    Eventually Jack's opponent uses a move that made him realize the imposter's identity as Angelica , his former love, and ended the duel with a kiss, for they were once lovers.

    After a brief reunion where they catch up, they fight the Royal Guards who were looking for Jack into the tavern. The soldiers break into the room and start to fight Jack and Angelica until the two were able to escape by using a lever to open a trap door on the floor beneath them so they fall into the River Thames.

    They swim out of the Thames, where Jack is shot with a voodoo dart, which made him unconscious. Jack would wake up five days later, where he found himself shanghaied aboard Blackbeard's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge , where he worked along with crew who had signed up to sail under Jack himself.

    While working on deck, Scrum told Jack of the crewmen who were zombified as well as the imprisonment of Philip Swift, a missionary captured in a raid.

    Upon learning that their First Mate was Angelica, Jack went to confront her. Angelica convinced Jack that she was able to con Blackbeard into believing that she was his daughter.

    She also revealed that he wanted to find the Fountain of Youth because of a prophecy that revealed his death at the hands of a one legged man.

    Jack later meets up with the crew at night and organizes a mutiny. When it seems the mutiny was a success, Blackbeard appears from his cabin and, using the Sword of Triton , makes the ship come to live and defeat the mutineers.

    Philip Swift, a clergymen who Jack freed during the mutiny, argued with Blackbeard for his actions.

    Although Angelica believed his soul could be saved, Philip thought it would be a long shot. To make an example for the mutineers, Blackbeard killed the Cook for being on watch with his Greek fire cannons.

    Jack was then brought into Blackbeard's cabin, where Blackbeard revealed that he must reach the Fountain of Youth before the prophecy of his death comes true.

    Jack then tried to warn Blackbeard that Angelica was not his daughter. Though Blackbeard didn't believe him, Jack tried to convince him otherwise.

    Angelica entered the cabin as Blackbeard started to torture Jack with a voodoo doll. Blackbeard's manipulation on the doll forced Jack to reconsider helping Blackbeard in his quest.

    Jack Sparrow and Angelica looking at Blackbeard's collection of ships in bottles. Later, Jack and Angelica would have a drink and enter into a dance aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge , with Scrum playing the mandola.

    While they danced, Angelica revealed the Profane Ritual to Jack: water from the Fountain of Youth, a mermaid's tear, and the silver Chalices of Cartagena.

    She also revealed that the items would be used to take all the years of life from another. As a bribe, Angelica showed Jack a cabinet filled with ships in a bottle—with the Black Pearl among them, with Jack the monkey inside.

    Angelica told Jack that she needed those years for Blackbeard, claiming that she was truly his daughter.

    Jack tried to warn Angelica, saying that Blackbeard would kill her, given the chance. Because the ritual needed a mermaid's tear, Blackbeard sailed the Revenge to Whitecap Bay, home to mermaids.

    The mermaid hunt turned into a full-blown mermaid attack, turning into a slaughter as more crewmen were taken by mermaids.

    And so Jack Sparrow made the lighthouse explode, which made the mermaids swim away. With the assistance of Philip, Blackbeard's crew were able to capture a young mermaid who Philip would later name Syrena.

    At St. Martin , Jack Sparrow is found sleeping inside a vault filled with treasure from inside a bank, as citizens of the town inspect the bank.

    However, the citizens are unaware that Jack and his crew will attempt to steal the bank. During the process of bank robbery and attempting to find where the bank is, Jack soon encounters a woman named Carina Smyth , an intelligent astronomer who is accused of being a witch.

    Carina follows Jack on his little task to retrieve his bank, in which she says that she is not looking for trouble, but Jack throws Carina down a pile of hay on a riding horse after conducting a quick conversation of what they should do, and Carina responds calling Jack a filthy pirate.

    Meanwhile, Jack does find the bank and starts ride it, as Joshamee Gibbs and the rest of the crew continues pulling over to their destination of where the Dying Gull is located.

    When the crew checks the vault only to discover that there is not a single piece of treasure besides Jack taking the only coin left , they grow furious and treat Jack as a terrible captain with bad luck following him.

    After the crew decided to abandon Jack, he takes the Black Pearl ' s bottle from his coat and inspects it. Jack enters a tavern to purchase a bottle of rum after falling onto a mud puddle.

    Because of his lack of money, however, Jack unfortunately betrayed his very own compass only to simply trade for rum, allowing the deadly ghost sailor by the name of Captain Salazar and his crew to be set free from the Devil's Triangle , and continue their quest to seek Jack for revenge.

    Afterwards, Jack is soon found by soldiers of the British Royal Navy upon exiting the tavern with his rum and is taken to jail. Meanwhile, a young man named Henry Turner , dressed as a Navy soldier, looks through many jail cells to find Jack.

    Henry indeed found the pirate he had been looking for, but questions whether or not the man in the cell he is speaking to is truly the one and only Jack Sparrow.

    Both Jack and Carina are eventually arrested and taken for execution somewhere in St. Before Jack is sent for execution, he encounters his uncle inside a jail cell, in which they conduct a brief conversation about their ongoing days.

    During the execution process, one of the Navy soldiers asks Jack on how he wants to die. When first hearing the word "guillotine", Jack assumes that it is a harmless French term, but immediately demands a different way of dying after seeing that the guillotine is an actual execution device used to cut an individual's head.

    While Jack and Carina attempt to stall the execution by proving themselves innocent, Henry soon arrives to initiate an order for Jack's crew to shoot out of a cannon to destroy the guillotine.

    After Jack and Carina were freed from their execution, Jack announces to his crew that Henry and Carina are the loyal adventurers whom will help find the Trident of Poseidon.

    Jack's crew wrap both Henry and Carina onto a mast after returning to the Dying Gull and the ship sets sail from there.

    Knowing that Carina claims she has the knowledge of the heavens, Jack requests to see the Map No Man Can Read because he believes that he can read the map, ignoring the fact that the map's name clearly says no man can read it.

    Carina then explains to the crew that the map is up in the stars, which confuses them. Jack and the crew eventually learn that Carina is not only an astronomer but also a horologist.

    However, they mistaken the word "horologist" for another word that sounds awfully similar, in which Jack tells Carina that there's no shame.

    Carina once again explains that she's a horologist, an individual who studies horology time. It wasn't long until Captain Salazar's ghostly ship, the Silent Mary , managed to catch up with the Dying Gull.

    However, upon returning to the harbor, Jack found the Pearl gone: Barbossa had mutinied once again by taking the Pearl , marooning him and Joshamee Gibbs ashore.

    This didn't seem to faze Jack, however, who resorted to using a dinghy left to him. Scarlett and Giselle slapped Jack, after Jack confessed many things to them, which resulted in Gibbs being slapped by Jack.

    Jack Sparrow sails to find the Fountain of Youth. As Gibbs remained in Tortuga, in the company of Scarlett and Giselle, Jack sails away on his dinghy.

    Jack had anticipated Barbossa's treachery, and had cut out the middle part of Sao Feng's navigational charts for himself.

    He was running up his pirate flag , while singing " A Pirate's Life for Me ", in his dinghy. Looking at Sao Feng's charts, he discovered that the location of the Fountain of Youth is in Florida , as the legends foretold.

    Using his compass, he located a bottle of rum and began his search for the Fountain of Youth. A happy Jack then sailed off in his dinghy, while drinking the rum, as he began his journey to achieve immortality.

    Even with the help of his map and compass , Jack Sparrow's search for the Fountain of Youth would last for several years.

    It weren't the lure of charmed waters that first sent Jack on a course for the fabled Fountain but rather Jack set off in pursuit of his beloved ship, the Black Pearl , stolen from him by Hector Barbossa.

    Knowing Barbossa was after the Fountain of Youth as well, Jack attempted to find the Fountain on his own.

    In his search, Jack was able to find the island where the Fountain was located, and had been close as reaching the cave entrance to the Fountain itself.

    But Jack never made it to the elusive Fountain and was forced to turn back. Jack also had the way to the Fountain of Youth committed to his memory.

    At some point in time, Jack Sparrow would have swallowed one of his teeth, which ended up being a part of his new trinket , and woke up with an "X" on his right cheek.

    He also owned another pistol for his effects. Fortune sent Jack Sparrow east across the Atlantic , and it was then he heard tell of Joshamee Gibbs ' dire encounter with the authorities of London.

    So Jack charted a course to London to effect the rescue of his devoted First Mate. Jack Sparrow as a Judge in Joshamee Gibbs ' trial.

    Soon Jack arrived to London to save Joshamee Gibbs from an appointment with the gallows. However, while Gibbs was set to being put on trial for piracy , he was being mistaken for Jack Sparrow himself.

    Upon arriving to London, he headed to the Old Bailey courthouse to save Gibbs. He bribed the driver of a prison carriage to transport him and Gibbs to shore when the trial was over.

    Jack tied and gagged the real Judge and put him in a closet, after which Jack resumed as disguising himself as the Judge of Gibbs' trial.

    Being known as Judge Smith, he had Gibbs pronounced guilty of being innocent of being Jack Sparrow. Much to the surprise of the crowd, Jack had Gibbs condemned to life in prison, rather than a hanging, and allows Gibbs to be transferred to the Tower of London under minimum security.

    After the trial, Jack took off the Judge disguise as he made his way to signal the prison carriage driver, shortly before joining Gibbs in the prison carriage.

    Throughout the ride, Gibbs informed Jack about the rumors of him recruiting a crew in the Captain's Daughter pub, in which Jack renounced as completely false and quite insulting.

    But Jack also thought to find the imposter, because of the need of a ship to escape from England. Gibbs asked Jack of his search for the Fountain of Youth , which he responded that it was temporarily postponed and vowed that he would taste the water of the Fountain.

    Jack dragged into St. James's Palace. The carriage abruptly stopped. Jack and Gibbs then discovered that they were completely surrounded by soldiers of the Royal Guard in front of St.

    The Guards had also bribed the carriage driver to betray Jack and Gibbs by bringing them to the palace. Jack was forcibly taken into the palace, while Gibbs was sent to prison.

    In the custody of the Royal Guards, Jack was dragged inside the main hall of St. James's Palace for an audience with His Majesty King George II.

    Inside the royal banquet room, Jack was chained to a regal seat to await the King's arrival. While he was waiting for the King, he tried to grab a cream puff from the table.

    Right when the doors open, a surprised Jack kicked the cream puff that he desired up into the air where it got stuck on the room's chandelier.

    As the doors opened, King George arrived with many of his loyal subjects and Royal Guards. The King was accompanied by Prime Minister Henry Pelham and Lord John Carteret.

    Jack Sparrow meeting with King George. Lord Carteret asked Jack if he was "Jack Sparrow", which Jack responded that the word "Captain" was missing in that statement.

    After much confusion over if Jack was the real Jack Sparrow, the King ordered Jack's chains to be removed, as he was annoyed by Jack rattling the chains.

    Henry Pelham and King George questions Jack about a map to the Fountain of Youth believed to be in Jack's possession. However, Jack discovered that the map was missing.

    King George stated that he wanted the Fountain found before the Spanish, as he didn't want King Ferdinand to gain eternal life.

    Pelham and Carteret asked Jack if he knew the way to the Fountain well enough to guide an expedition.

    Jack accepted, assuming that he would be provided with a ship and crew. Jack was then introduced to the leader of the expedition; his old rival, Hector Barbossa.

    Jack and Barbossa had a brief reunion, in which Jack complemented Barbossa's new pirate lifestyle. Barbossa debunked this by revealing that he was now a privateer in service to the King.

    Jack questioned Barbossa concerning the Black Pearl. Barbossa revealed that he lost the Pearl in a battle which also cost him his leg, which he replaced with a peg leg.

    Jack angrily reacted to hearing about the loss of his beloved ship and the King's guards had to restrain him to stop him from attacking Barbossa.

    Before King George and Barbossa resumed their business, Jack made one of his legendary escapes. Jack Sparrow broke free and took out the Royal Guards who held him with their rifles, which he used on the chandelier to make it swing.

    After taking out some of the guards, Jack got the chance to fly up onto the top of the sill and grabbed the chandelier and swung across the room towards the balcony.

    King George, Hector Barbossa and the King's subjects stared at the seemingly impossible escape. Jack grabbed the creme puff that was stuck on the chandelier and ate it as he left.

    After retrieving his sword and pistols. He came to a window, which he opened, and prepared to jump over the busy street. By the time the guards had gotten there, Jack had hidden behind one of the banners hanging between the buildings.

    The guard spotted Jack's movement and blew his whistle as Jack carefully tried to pull himself back up as another guard appears and hacked at the tassel holding the banner.

    Jack then plummeted down into a carriage that was driving along the road, landing in a noblewoman 's lap, causing her to shriek in horror.

    Jack stared and then leaned forward, seemingly kissing her while stealing one of her earrings, before climbing on top of the carriage.

    Seeing that Royal Guards were after him, Jack managed to stand up on top of the moving carriage and leaped over to the other one.

    He lost his balance slightly, and put each foot on one carriage. As soon as the carriages parted ways, Jack put both of his feet on one carriage.

    He eventually made it onto a coal cart. As Jack pushed the cart driver aside, the guards were riding on horses and gaining on Jack as they began to shoot at him, until one shot hit a lantern on the carriage, igniting the coal.

    Jack jumped to hold onto the sign of the Captain's Daughter tavern and waited until the guards rode past him, then dropped to the ground.

    Before Jack could go on, a Royal Guard came up from behind and prepared to fire. A shot went off, but the Guard fell dead without pulling the trigger.

    Jack turned and saw that he had been saved by his father, Captain Teague. Jack then went with his father into the Captain's Daughter tavern, where they conversed about the Fountain of Youth and one of the items needed for the Profane Ritual.

    Teague then told Jack about the ones who were recruiting a crew for a ship, led by Scrum playing the mandola. Teague also warned Jack that the Fountain would test him as they both took gulps of their drinks.

    Jack glanced at the crewmen singing with some wenches. When Jack turned around, Teague had vanished. Jack then went to question Scrum, holding a small knife to his throat.

    As Scrum made fun of Jack, not knowing that he was the real Jack Sparrow, Jack saw a shadow on the wall. He followed it into the storeroom of the tavern.

    As he looked around, the impostor appeared in front of him. The two Jacks pulled out their swords simultaneously and faced each other in a fierce duel in the storeroom.

    Jack Sparrow fighting an impostor. The two ran over to the barbecue pit and circled each other. The impostor copied Jack's exact movements; Jack ran a hand down his beard and the other Jack did the same.

    Jack was angered by how the impostor mirrored him so well. They clashed swords again. Jack chased the other Jack up a ramp with barrels all the way to one of the bars near the ceiling.

    The two continued fighting, carefully balancing, shortly before tumbling down along with several barrels. They resumed fighting, evenly matched.

    Eventually, the other Jack performed an advance swordfighting technique and then pointed his sword at Jack, who then realized who the impostor was.

    He and other Jack clashed their swords once more before he grabbed the person and they share a kiss. Jack then gave his greeting to his former lover Angelica.

    Jack and Angelica fighting Royal Guards in the storeroom of the Captain's Daughter. Jack and Angelica had a brief reunion, conversing on Angelica's actions of impersonating Jack, with Jack disapproving that he wasn't being impersonated as captain.

    Angelica then asked Jack if he had really been to the Fountain of Youth , from rumors she had heard. Suddenly, Scrum came in warning Angelica of King George 's Royal Guards breaking into the tavern.

    As they bursted into the storeroom, Jack and Angelica fought against the guards together. Jack and Angelica had the upper hand by slicing open barrels, ale spraying at the guards.

    Jack jabbed one barrel, from which wine sprayed out, and he gulped hungrily from it. Angelica pushed him away as the Royal Guards aim their rifles at them.

    Jack and Angelica glanced at each other, shortly before Jack ducks at Angelica slash at a lever. They fell through a trapdoor into water and swam away, surfacing in the River Thames.

    As the two scramble ashore, Jack learned that Angelica knew about the Profane Ritual. He then inquired about the ritual and what was required.

    Angelica told him that a mermaid was needed at the exact moment that Jack felt a voodoo dart hit him from behind, shot by Angelica's associate the Quartermaster , knocking him out cold.

    Jack Sparrow aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. About five days later, Jack woke up aboard Blackbeard 's ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge , and was forced to work as a deckhand.

    While doing his duties, he befriended a fellow crewman named Scrum who told him the basics aboard the Revenge , including the zombie officers and Philip Swift , a missionary held captive by being tied on top of the mainmast.

    Jack also learned that Angelica was the ship's First Mate and secretly confronted her belowdeck. In their conversation, Angelica reveals to Jack that she conned Blackbeard into believing that she was his long lost daughter.

    Angelica also told Jack why Blackbeard was searching for the Fountain of Youth , because of a prophesied death in the hands of a one-legged man predicted by the Quartermaster.

    Jack confronts Angelica belowdeck of the Revenge. That night, not satisfied with being in ship full of zombies, Jack met with Scrum and some of the other crewmen to convince them to join a mutiny.

    During the meeting, Jack unsuccessfully tried to figure out what Blackbeard's habits from the crewmen, as Blackbeard was never seen outside his cabin.

    Jack also revealed to the crewmen that their true destination was towards the Fountain of Youth. The crew were shocked by this revelation and knew that their deaths would come for certain, unless they took the ship.

    After Scrum's failed attempt to lead the crew into the mutiny, Jack ordered the crew to go and take the ship, in which they woke up some of the other crewmen and started their attack.

    Shortly before the fighting started, not wanting Angelica to be in the middle of the oncoming battle, Jack went to Angelica's cabin to make sure she was safe.

    When he walked in, he saw that Angelica was sleeping, so he quietly went to grab a sword and a pair of boots and lay down on the bed next to her.

    Angelica then whispered to Jack that if it was a dream, he could keep the sword and boots. Jack responded by reassuring Angelica that it was a dream, but after she heard some of the fighting on deck, she kicked him away.

    Getting to his feet, Jack warned her that he was taking the ship. Angelica grabbed a sword and cursed at Jack as he hurried out of the room.

    After Jack closed the door and locked it, Angelica stabbed her sword through the door, barely an inch away from Jack's head. The mutiny began well for Jack and his co-conspirators, fighting well against the other members of Blackbeard's crew which mostly consisted of the zombie crewmen.

    As Jack Sparrow waltzed into the battle, he was confronted by Gunner and dueled with him. Gunner attacked Jack fiercely, who was able to counter his attacks one by one, until Salaman threw a net that caught on to Gunner.

    Jack then nodded to Salaman to join him in saving Philip Swift. As they climbed up the rigging, Jack and Salaman climb to Philip's position. Philip is cut free by Jack and they make it down to the continuing battle.

    As Jack made it to the main deck, he is confronted by the Quartermaster, and dueled with him towards the stairway.

    After a few attacks, Jack kicked the Quartermaster to the ground, ordered his crew to tie him down and made his way to the upper deck.

    The moment of victory was at hand for the mutineers, with the enemies, mainly Angelica, the Quartermaster and Gunner, were held back. Jack then declared the Queen Anne's Revenge was theirs.

    However, at the moment of Jack's triumph, Blackbeard himself appeared on deck and used the mystical powers of his sword to crush the mutiny by hanging Jack and all of the other crewmen.

    Jack faces Blackbeard aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. After Blackbeard had Jack cut down, he attempted to shoot Jack, but Angelica stopped him stating that they need him to find the Fountain.

    A few moments later, after Blackbeard attempted to kill Philip Swift, Jack witnessed the punishment of the Cook , whom Blackbeard burned alive with the ship's Greek fire.

    Jack was then immediately brought to the captain's cabin for a conversation with Blackbeard. Sparrow tried convincing Blackbeard that Angelica wasn't his daughter.

    But Blackbeard didn't believe him and, after making a voodoo doll of Jack , stabbed it with a dagger. Angelica arrived as Sparrow immediately felt a heavy pain in his chest and spotted a carved injury on his chest.

    Angelica and Blackbeard persuaded Jack to lead them to the Fountain of Youth, as Blackbeard held the doll over the fire from a candle, in which Sparrow instantly agreed to take a look at the charts.

    Later, Jack had Scrum play a romantic tone on the mandola as Angelica arrived on deck. While offering Angelica a drink, Jack recalled their previous encounters in Saint Dominique and La Martinique.

    As Scrum began playing the mandola more vigorously, Jack and Angelica danced on the deck of the Revenge. While they danced, Jack told Angelica that they could go to the Fountain of Youth together and have equal shares of fame in exchange for knowledge of the Profane Ritual.

    While Angelica was skeptical into trusting Jack, she reconsidered after Jack gave her a ring that he gave her in their first romance.

    She also revealed that those items would be used to take all the years of life from another, a victim, hence why they couldn't do it by themselves. Upon this revelation, Jack's willingness to find the Fountain was greatly lessened.

    Jack studies Blackbeard 's collection of shrunken ships in bottles. But to bribe him, by promising him something he wants, Angelica showed Jack a cabinet full of Blackbeard 's trophies; shrunken ships in a bottles, each containing a ship that Blackbeard vanquished.

    Angelica promised Jack that he would get to choose any of the ships but stated she knew the one he'd choose. Looking through the cabinet, Jack was stunned to see the Black Pearl amongst them, with Barbossa's monkey Jack inside, which annoyed Sparrow.

    Angelica tells Jack that she needs those years of the victim for Blackbeard, saying that he is really her father. Jack was then impressed with her lying by telling him the truth and eagerly asked if he could use it.

    He then tried to warn Angelica otherwise about trying to save Blackbeard, saying that he cannot be redeemed and would kill her.

    Before they could go further into the discussion, the Queen Anne's Revenge arrived to an island which lied Whitecap Bay , a mermaid nesting ground.

    Jack overseeing the mermaid attack at Whitecap Bay. After arriving to Whitecap Bay , Jack and Angelica joined with Blackbeard and his crewmen ashore to hunt a mermaid , as they needed a mermaid's tear for the ritual.

    While some of the men deployed large fishing nets in the shallows, Jack joined the others who made their way to the top of the old lighthouse.

    After Salaman was able to get the lighthouse in working condition, Jack had to watch as Blackbeard launched several longboats in the water to attract the mermaids.

    The song from one of the men in the boats, Scrum , soon attracted a group of mermaids. The mermaids, after a few minutes of hesitation, attacked the boats and their crews.

    The Bay turned into a battlefield, where mermaids attempted to kill all of the men in the boats. After a while, the mermaids began to attack the onshore crew by using ropes of seaweed to pull them into the sea.

    Jack ordered a retreat to the crewmen to escape inland, but Blackbeard forced them to stay in the water by firing his pistol.

    Angelica was pulled by one of the mermaids' seaweed ropes, leaving Jack Sparrow to save her. Jack then came up with an idea. He ran towards the lighthouse evading all forms of attacks from the vicious mermaids, losing his sword in the process.

    As he reached the summit, he began to hit a metal casket full of whale oil until the entire content of oil in it poured out into the fire, which caused an explosion.

    Jack quickly escaped into the sea as the lighthouse exploded. The fire from the explosion scared off the mermaids further, who Jack viewed swimming away whilst underwater.

    After a very brief reunion with Marina , a mermaid who Jack knew with in the past, Jack came ashore to find that Blackbeard had successfully captured a young mermaid thanks to Philip Swift.

    As Angelica gave Jack back his sword, Blackbeard ordered the crewmen to prepare to sail to continue their journey.

    Jack, Angelica and Blackbeard in a dense jungle island. After relocating the Queen Anne's Revenge to a protected cove of the island , the crew prepared to continue their quest for the Fountain of Youth through dense jungle.

    Blackbeard and Angelica had Jack Sparrow blindfolded as the crew came inland, so that Jack wouldn't know the exact location of the Revenge. As soon as Blackbeard took off the blindfold, he let Jack lead the way.

    Jack led the crew through the jungles and swamps of the island with the help of his compass , but soon discovered an obstacle; a broken bridge in a chasm.

    Jack being forced to pick pistols for Blackbeard. Jack and Angelica briefly argued over which way to go until Blackbeard took Jack's compass and ordered him to jump over the high cliff.

    When Jack refused to jump, Blackbeard pulled out his pistol and threatened to kill Angelica. Though Sparrow didn't believe that he would kill his own daughter, Blackbeard had the Quartermaster placed his pistol with six more pistols, with only two of them being loaded, but with Blackbeard not knowing which.

    Jack thought that none of them were loaded, until he fired a loaded pistol into air. Jack then knew that Blackbeard was serious and was forced to either jump or choose again.

    Jack then asked the Quartermaster about the possibility of surviving the jump. The Quartermaster took Jack's voodoo doll and threw it into the river.

    Jack screamed as it fell, but the Quartermaster assured him that he would survive. When Angelica attempted to jump, Jack ran and jumped before her, successfully falling into the river unscathed.

    While Blackbeard and Angelica continued their search for the Fountain, Jack proceeded into finding the Santiago. Racing through jungles and running across the beachside, Jack found where the Santiago could be seen hanging precariously on a cliffside.

    Jack Sparrow and Hector Barbossa aboard the Santiago. Seeing that they were both after the same prize, Jack wanted to fight Hector Barbossa. But the balance of the Santiago was so unstable that when they moved, the ship dangerously leaned.

    As Jack and Barbossa put the ship into balance, a chest slid from under the bed. They knew that the chest held the Chalices they both sought, but caused the ship to go unbalanced again.

    After getting the ship into balance again, Jack and Barbossa decided to open it together. However, they only discovered that there was nothing inside, except for two stones instead of the two Chalices.

    They both realized that the Spaniard 's men already took the Chalices. Jack and Hector Barbossa captured by Spanish soldiers.

    Jack and Barbossa later found the location of the Spanish camp where they met up with Barbossa's men, with Joshamee Gibbs among them.

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